Vancouver Materials Case Study

Vancouver Convention Promotional Materials

Role: Branding, Visual Design, and Motion Graphics


The MLA Annual Convention is the the largest professional convention in the humanities of over 7,000 attendees. For each event I develop a logo and branding system which is then applied to numerous materials including postcards, brochures, e-mail campaigns, wayfinding signage, a mobile website, social media assets, and a video display.

Vancouver Overview

Branding and Visual Design

The gorgeous natural landscape of Vancouver served as my inspiration for the logo, in which mountains meet the sea to frame the text. I chose Kabel and Garamond as the typefaces and a muted color pallette to support the selection of beautiful photographs I was given by the Vancouver Tourism and Convention Bureau. All of these elements came together and were applied to the entire suite of materials.

Vancouver Style

Motion Graphics

To promote the prizewinners and their works at the convention, I put together a video in Adobe After Effects. Below is a clip of the introduction; see the full video here.