Music Festival Website Case Study

The Louis Armstrong International Music Festival Website

Role: Branding, Web Design, and Social Media Integration


I worked with a team of two wonderful designers to develop the branding and marketing materials for a music festival in Queens sponsored by the Kupferberg Center for the Arts. The materials we designed included the logo, website, postcards, posters, ads, signage, and social media pages.

Louis Armstrong Website


I designed the logo using playful variations in the letter weight to reflect Louis Armstrong’s personality and music. We took advantage of our access to an amazing stock of archival photography and paired iconic black-and-white images with pops of color and bold typography to create a vibrant suite of materials for the event.

Louis Armstrong Logo

Web Design

I built the site as a companion to the Kupferberg Center’s existing WordPress site so that it could be easily maintained by the staff.

The simple four-page design featured a Spotify playlist, Twitter feed, social media links, and Google map integration.

Louis Armstrong Website

Social Media Integration

Lively typographic treatments and photography made for a striking header image on the festival’s Twitter and Facebook pages. The bold type of the logo translated easily as a small profile image.

Louis Armstrong Twitter