LRG Website Case Study

Literary Research Guide Website

Role: Branding and Web Design


After many years and five editions as a best-selling printed resource, the sixth edition of this classic title was published exclusively online in 2014. My goal in designing the online resource was to honor the printed book’s history while making it fresh and easy to read.

LRG Website


For the logo, I placed the book’s initials (LRG) over a typographic ornament found on the previous edition’s printed cover. The book is often referred to as the LRG, so including it in the mark helped to rebrand this new product as an accessible and familiar resource.


Web Design

Along with the typographic ornament, the color palette is also derived from the previous edition’s cover. I included the use of a sans serif typeface along with the classic serif for contrast and to give the site an updated look. I also included icons to add visual interest to text-heavy pages and to allow for quick recognition of content.

My focus in designing the site was to set up clear typographic hierarchies for ease of use and legibility.

LRG Interior Pages