Chicago Mobile Program Case Study

Chicago Convention Mobile Program

Role: User Experience, Visual Design


This mobile site was created to help the attendees of the MLA convention in Chicago access the list of sessions, general information about the convention, and maps of the meeting rooms and exhibit hall. I worked closely with a developer at the MLA to make it a useful resource that would be easier and faster to consult than the printed program.

Chicago Mobile Program Overview

User Experience

In developing the site, the third mobile program that we created in-house, we took advantage of the opportunity to improve on the design according to feedback from attendees of the previous conventions. Our goal was to increase the site’s usability.

To improve loading time, we decided to forgo a splash screen and instead launch the main program screen upon users’ opening the site. After users leave the program screen, the header and footer shrink to increase the area available for the main content area. Icons in both the header and footer make for intuitive navigation, and the touch target sizes are generous.

The user flow is designed to make it easy to add and delete filters as well as to navigate back a step.

Users can conveniently find sessions they are interested in, read the details and learn the location, and even share a link to the sessions on Twitter with the help of a button in the footer.

Chicago Mobile Program Flow

Visual Design

The color palette, fonts, and graphics pick up on the style of other convention materials, like the printed guides, brochures, and wayfinding signage.

Chicago Promo Materials