Modern Language Association Website Overview

Modern Language Association Website

This redesign was a great opportunity to showcase the broad outlook and rich history of the company and to modernize the site by making it accessible and responsive. I worked with a team of thoughtful and diligent developers and content managers to give the site a complete visual overhaul, reorganize the content, and redirect the focus on the user. With the support of the team I was able to design every detail of the site for all screen sizes, from the login portal to the error message.

MLA Website

Style Center Overview

The MLA Style Center

This website was developed as a companion for MLA style products, specifically the latest edition of the MLA Handbook. In addition to its role as an official online resource supporting students and teachers learning about the style, the goals of the website are to increase sales of the book and extend the MLA brand. I worked with a small team to research our users, organize content, sketch, and mock up the site. We are currently collecting feedback and user data as we refine the design and add features.

Style Center Feature Image

Louis Armstrong International Music Festival Overview

The Louis Armstrong International Music Festival Website

I worked with a team of two wonderful designers to develop the branding and marketing materials for a music festival in Queens sponsored by the Kupferberg Center for the Arts. The materials we designed included the logo, website, postcards, posters, ads, signage, and social media pages.

Louis Armstrong Website