ADE ADFL Websites Case Study

ADE and ADFL Websites

Role: User Interface and Visual Design


I redesigned the Association of Departments of English and the Association of Departments of Foreign Language websites in conjunction with the MLA site. The goal was to have a clean, easy to navigate, and fully responsive template that coordinates with the MLA site and works for both associations’ content.

ADE ADFL Overview

User Interface Design

While the layout and navigation systems of the ADE and ADFL websites are straightforward, the functionality and display of each association’s online publications required a lot of careful planning. I took full advantage of the robust type stack I had created to organize the many layers of content in the archives.

I helped to visually organize decades of archived publications into user-friendly accordion menus, drawing on patterns that appear in other areas of the sites for continuity.

Bulletin Archive

Visual Design

I based the colors and typography of the site on the classic styles found in the associations’ publications. The content was broken down into levels of importance to determine its flow on differently sized screens. I worked to maintain the sophistication of the design while making it simple to navigate on tablets and mobile devices.

ADE Responsive